Shooting Huge Panoramas with Sony a7ii

This week I photographed some of the biggest panoramas I have ever shot. I was exploring the Remarkables mountain range near Queenstown in New Zealand, and there are some amazing panorama views from up high.  

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Long Exposure Photography at Sunrise with Sony a7ii

I got up nice and early and was rewarded with an amazing sunrise this morning at Sumner beach. The sun was just peaking around from behind the cliffs and filling the waves with an brilliant light.

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Using a Sony RX100 for Landscape Photography

I decided to try out the Sony RX100 camera an see how well it performed for landscape photography, I will be posting a few more videos with this camera in the next few weeks.

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Sony 50mm 1.8 FE lens Review with A7ii

  I've been using the Sony 50mm FE 1.8 Lens now for almost a month, so I decided to share some of my thoughts on it and some examples scenarios to show how it performed with sample photos.

20/20 Vision: Dunedin

This months 20/20 vision features the town of Dunedin in New Zealand, it lies near south eastern side of the south island. Its known as a Scottish town because a lot of the settlers that came over from Europe were from Scotland. It is noticeable as you walk around the town because the [...]

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Dunedins Peninsula Wildlife Dunedin is a great small city towards the lower end of the South island of New Zealand, there is a bunch of stuff to do there but one of the experiences that really stood out to me was the peninsula encounters wildlife tour. The bus stopped off in town at each of the hostels [...]

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1 Billion Views A few days ago I was notified that my image of the Wanaka tree in New Zealand has been viewed over 1 billion times on google+. I received a notification about 6 months ago from google to say that my image would be featured on the Google Chromecasts all around the world and I [...]

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Mount Eden Sunset There was a beautiful sunset over the city of Auckland, from this hill you can see the entire city sprawling in front of you.

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Franz Josef Forest I was on the way back from the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand and stopped by this forest. The trees were dense and it made it quite dark, but up above there was a wonderful glow of the leaves as the sun light passed through them.

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Swimming with Dusky Dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand Swimming with dolphins wasn't even on my agenda, well not at the moment anyway. Kaikoura is on the east side of the south island and the only reason I had stopped there originally was because Christchurch didn't have any space for accommodation because it was high season, and the cricket didn't help matters either. [...]

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