The Green Dragon Entrance This is the entrance to the Green Dragon pub in Hobbiton, its easy to imagine some drunken hobbits staggering out after a night of drinking.

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Light Twinkle over Wellington Just arrived back in windy Wellington, NZ. There are some great views of the city from Mt. Victoria, especially at night as all the lights twinkle the city seems so small from up here.

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As Embers Burn I spotted these tree trunks on fire at Napier beach, New Zealand. It was quite a surreal experience as the beach is covered in grey stones and there is very little colour. The embers stood out so much across the expanse of the beach as the sun began to rise for a new day.

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Milky Strewn Across the Sky This was taken in Tekapo, New Zealand. The small town is a dark sky reserve so as you look up, the views are some of the clearest you will ever see of the universe around us.

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Last Night in Queenstown How i spent my last night in Queenstown, here is the view from the gondola with the Remarkables in the background. They certainly live up to there name!

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Sulphur City Rotorua in New Zealand is known as the sulphur city because there is lots of geothermal activity in the area and the minerals and gases surface from deep under the earths surface. They produce hot steam in the lakes which you can see in the picture, the smell is quite strong though!

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