Shooting an Old Wooden Shed

  I loved the way this shed looked and I spent a good hour or so there getting shots from all angles before the sun set for the evening. I managed to get a few shots of the light streaming across the blades of grass in the field and used it as a [...]

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Shooting Panoramas at Sunrise This week I went out to take some panorama shots up on Dunnydeer Hill in Insch, Scotland. I was up nice and early to catch the sunrise, and used my long lens mostly to help compress the scene, take a look at the video below!   If you like my video I [...]

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Mists over Dusk This was taken in late afternoon and a really nice soft orange light was cascading across the Scottish landscape creating some interesting shadows over the rolling hills. Some mists were starting to form at the foot of the hills in the distance which felt really magical. I recorded a behind the scenes look of [...]

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Bow Fiddle Rock

This is Bow Fiddle Rock in Portknockie, Scotland. I was there nice and early to catch the sunrise as it hit the side of the rock, there were some birds flocking around in the sky as well which added to the spectacle of the scene.

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