2501, 2017

Temples and Markets with the Sony 50mm 1.8 FE lens and a7ii

January 25th, 2017|Behind the Scenes, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Videos|

I’ve just picked up a new lens recently, the Sony FE 50mm 1.8

Its the first Sony lens I’ve purchased since owning the a7ii for over a year now, so I thought I would put it through its paces on the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

So far I am pretty pleased with it, its nice and sharp. I will be posting a few more tests with the lens in the next few weeks to see how it holds up.

1112, 2016

A Temple Phase (Testing Cine4 picture Profile with Sony a7ii)

December 11th, 2016|Chiang Mai, Thailand, Videos|

I hve been trying out the cine4 and cine2 picture profiles on the Sony a7ii, and I made this video in the process. I don’t have much experince editing video so it was a new challenge and I am semi-pleased with how it came out, I learnt lots in the process so I have a lot to work on for my next one!

1711, 2016

Testing out S-Log 2 on the Sony a7ii

November 17th, 2016|Scotland, Videos|

I’ve just been trying out the S-Log 2 profile on my Sony a7ii for video. It gives a much wider dynamic range in this mode but it requires colour grading afterwards. This is my first test using it just trying out a few different lenses and colour grading options.

2110, 2016

Shooting with a Fisheye lens on Sony a7ii

October 21st, 2016|Behind the Scenes, Scotland, Videos|

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I decided to challenge myself and use my old Opteka 6.5mm fisheye lens, and try and come up with some nice shots even with the wide distortion. It was good fun!

I got some shots around a few forests and captured a train in motion as well.

I might try to see if I can find another weird lens I can try out.