The 20/20 vision segment of my blog is a monthly post that is posted on the 20th of each month, I highlight a certain area, town or place and share with you 20 images from there.

This months 20/20 vision features the lovely small town of Kaikoura in New Zealand, it lies on the east cost of the south island a few hours north of Christchurch. I stayed here for 2 weeks while on my travels around New Zealand, I didn’t initially plan to stay so long but for some reason it grabbed me and have fell a little bit in love with it.

The town stretches along the coast on the shores of a lovely stone pebble beach, and the ocean is a very prominent feature of the small settlement as you hear the water crashing on the shore as soon as you awake in the morning salty air fills the nostrils.

The peninsula walk takes a 3 hour round trip around the surrounding cliffs and shores, it is such a picturesque area.

The path takes you out the back end of town through some fields up to the peninsula.

Once you reach the other side, you are met with some amazing panoramas across the cliffs and onto the vast ocean.

The weather is ever changing and I was even greeted with a wonderful rainbow on the horizon.

There are dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches along the entire peninsula, you can spot the seal laying across the white sands here.

The water near the shore looks very clear and appears a light aqua colour.

Along the shores of Kaikoura especially towards the peninsula there is lots of wildlife to spot and find as you explore the landscape.

There is a huge seal colony and they are scattered across the rocks around the entire peninsula

This one seemed very curious of me and my camera.

It was fun just to watch them go about their business, some where having an afternoon nap on the rocks while some of the young where playing in the water

There are plenty of sea birds to spot including Cormorants and Albatross

Once you are near the end of the kaikoura peninsula walk, you decend back down into a slightly more leafy environment as you make your way back to town.

One of the highlights of my New Zealand experience was on the dolphin encounter which involves going out and seeing hundred of dusky dolphins dipping and diving through the water. I even had the chance to swim with them and it is a moment I will never forget.

We set off nice and early, as the sun rose it lit up the mountains with a golden yellow on shore.

They would ride the front wake of the boat, and I got some great close up views as they surfed along squeaking and diving as they went.

It was a game of reflexes to catch a shot of them diving out of the water, I never knew where the next dive would happen.

Dusky Diving
Luckily there are hundred of dives so I got a lot of chances to capture a dolphin in mid dive