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Rice fields of Nepal

Rice Fields of Nepal   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-nkTNJdL/A Some of the rice fields I came across while trekking through the Himalayas, they weren't ready to be harvested yet so they gave off a rich green colour.

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Suspended over Rapids

Suspended over Rapids   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-xhL7xBG/A One of the many suspension bridges I crossed in Nepal. Its fun to look down between the gaps and see the furiously fast flow of water far below you as the bridge bounces with each step.

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UFO Calling

UFO Calling   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-XC8F4tC/A I had seen this in the distance from the road a few times, so I finally decided to figure out how to get over to it, I though it looked like something from an Alien Movie, like a UFO communication device, especially at night when the red lights surrounding it give [...]

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Good Karma in the Himalayas

Good Karma in the Himalayas   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-g3BhsV8/A These structures are all over the place in Nepal once you're up in the mountains. On each side of the wall there are prayer wheels which you are supposed to spin as you go by to give you good karma. You use the wheels to the right of [...]

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Clouded Mirror

Clouded Mirror   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-qfP5kkF/A This is a lough up in the Wicklow hills in Ireland, the water was very still and it created a nice mirror effect. There were some ominous clouds heading towards us though.

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Rocky Shores

Rocky Shores   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-LbP5GtN/A This was taken on the east coast of Scotland, some rough seas as the sun was falling, The waves created a load rumble from hitting the cliffs.

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Tranquil Sunrise

Tranquil Sunrise   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-nFXQf7c/A This was taken early in the morning and I was hoping to get some nice shots of the waves as the sun was coming up, but the sea was flat as a pancake. So I got this shot of some rocks and seaweed on the sand. The ocean felt really tranquil [...]

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Flowing Glow

Flowing Glow   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-T85X8F6/A The light was quite harsh at the time of taking this, but this section of the river was shaded under some trees. The water has a slight glow to it from the light bouncing around in the water, I really liked the different colours that the surrounding scenery produced.

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