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The Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Kit Lens Trial

The Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Kit Lens Trial Some of you may know that I have just recently switched from shooting with Canon cameras to Sony. My main camera now is the Sony a7ii, I wanted to move to a full frame sized sensor and the mirrorless system seems like the way forward in [...]

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How to take photos of the Milky Way

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-55m6J5t/A   Equipment Well first things first you need to bring the right equipment along with you to go star hunting. The 3 basic things you need to take with you are a camera fitted with a wide angle lens, a sturdy tripod and an intervalometer.   Wide angle lens I would recommend using a [...]

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The Next Best Photo App?

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-t2J6mZZ/A Google has just had its developer conference, Google io in which they revealed a bunch of new products and services. One that caught my eye, and that may of interest to many photographers is their update to Google Photos. The new version of the app doesn't seem to offer that much more in terms [...]

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Best Camera to take with you while Travelling

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-3VZdtVN/A Deciding on which camera to take while your on the move can be a difficult choice, there are so many to choose from depending on your needs. I have made a list of different types of cameras that you may want to take with you whether its the phone in your pocket for capturing [...]

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What Camera Lenses to take Travelling

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-2QbCnsQ/A I often get asked which lenses are the best to bring while travelling, whether that's just one lens to lighten the load of what you're carrying around with you or just picking 2 or 3 specific lenses that will cover most photographic opportunities you will encounter. Knowing your type of photography One [...]

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5 Tips on Surfing with a Gopro

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-TZHpSGj/A It seems everyone has a Gopro nowadays hoping to capture some nice action footage and photos, but some of you are getting disappointing results comparing to the amazing Gopro promotional videos. Surfing is one of those sports that lends itself to using a Gopro and you can get some amazing footage with it. I [...]

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Photography Outside your Comfort Zone

Photography Outside Your Comfort Zone As you begin to get into photography and learn some interesting techniques and processes in order to capture some beautiful images. The problem is that many people tend to stagnate at a certain point once they have learned a few techniques for a certain type of photography, now there is [...]

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Top 8 Camera Bags for Travel

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-7NTMz8V/A While you're out on your travels with your camera its great to have a solid camera bag that will keep your gear safe and secure while youre on the move. I have collated a list of some of the best bags for travelling, there should be one that fits your style, whether it be [...]

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Tips for Zoo Photography: Capturing Amazing Animals

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-4GCDcdQ/A the zoo is a great place to get some nice animal shots, although the challenge is to capture the beauty of the animals without getting too much of the enclosure they are in. My goal when photographing at a zoo is to compose the shots in such a way that the photos could have [...]

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Mapping your Travels

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-vpfhtpH/A If you have been on a trip recently, its great to be able to look at a map and see exactly where you have been and track your route! It helps remind you exactly where you went, as sometimes things can be a bit hectic during your travels and you can be somewhere that [...]

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