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Capturing Unique Photos at Popular Attractions

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-Rk7DzFp/A When we travel to a new destination there are usually a few renowned places that are a ‘must-see’ and you probably want to take some good photos while you're their. The problem is that everyone that visits these places tends to take the exact same photo from the exact same location, so your photo [...]

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New Years Resolutions: Explore the World

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-fD35tkS/A Every year you set new years resolutions and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont go according to plan. But this year its time to visit that place you've always dreamt of going, so here are 5 tips for setting your travel resolutions for the new year! Pick a destination Ask yourself [...]

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New Years Resolutions: Boost your Photography

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-X2PT3TR/A Its that time of year again where its time to make a fresh start, and give ourselves some new targets for the coming year. This is a great time to focus on your photography and develop your creative skills to creating some beautiful images in the coming year. Here are 5 ideas that you [...]

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Camera Phone Photography: 5 Tips to capture incredible images

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-4XgVJJh/A Most of the latest smartphones have amazing cameras in them capable of capturing professional grade photos. With just a few adjustments you can make your lifeless camera phone images look like beautiful compositions captured with a professional DSLR camera. The following tips should help you develop your phone photography. Learning Composition https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-DRW9Zw4/A [...]

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5 Uses for Bittorrent Sync

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-SB88Zxz/A Backing Up The primary use that first drew me to Bittorrent Sync was the ability to backup my data on my machines easily and it allowed me to have complete control over where the data was going, avoiding reliance on the cloud where you do not have total control over where exactly your data [...]

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5 Photography Tips: Chasing Sunsets and Sunrises

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-nPgtZdz/A Everyone loves a sunrise or sunset and they almost always make a good photograph. The light provides a good dynamic range and contrast in the image and no matter how many times we've seen one it is always just as beautiful to watch. Now when it comes to photographing them some planning is required [...]

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Photographers guide to preparing for the Annapurna Circuit

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-CHQpDGx/A The Annapurna circuit is a well known trekking route that takes you through the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal. The complete circuit can take between 15 - 21 days and covers a vast array of landscapes and terrain, from the jungle like environment at lower altitudes to icy desert like vistas at the top [...]

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Composing Beautiful Images: How to Frame Your Photographs

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-KvpgDp9 The Golden Ratio There are several methods you can use to frame and compose your photos, but one of the most well known methods is the golden ratio which is what I mainly use. The golden ratio, in simple terms is the ratio between to quantities, one being shorter than the other. The specific [...]

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What is HDR Photography and why you should use it

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-rFN33Lh/A You may have heard the term HDR before or you may have even seen it on your phones camera settings, if it is used correctly you can create great photographs. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”, The dynamic range of an image is the ratio of the maximum and minimum light intensities, essentially how [...]

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5 Tips for shooting in the rain

5 Tips for Shooting in the Rain   https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/i-vTsKxRf/0/L/6100197396_f6382f08d0_b-L.jpg When the weather is not so good the last thing that you want to do is go out and get soaking wet and cold in order to take some shots. Well here are 5 tips to taking nice shots while staying dry and getting some nice shots! Know [...]

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