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Wicklow Mountains at Sunset with Sony a7ii

The weather wasn't looking great when I first headed out, but sometimes you get the best skies just after a storm and luckily the clouds parted for some dramatic shots.  

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How to Process Panorama Photos in Lightroom and Photoshop

This has been the most requested video I receive daily, and I finally got around to creating it. I hope you find it useful when out shooting your own panorama photos. Let me know you if you would like to see more tutorial type videos.  

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How to Porcess the Milky Way in Photoshop

I have been receiving lots of requests recently about how I process my milky way shots, so I have made a video tutorial that shows how I process my shots. I hope you find it useful!

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Post Processing the Milky Way: Creating Cosmic Results

https://shutterdiscovery.smugmug.com/Photos/n-pfXZ5/i-MgWV5RH/A Creating a good milky way shot involves quite a bit of post processing usually, unless you live in an area with really clear skies and little to no light pollution. I have been fortunate to take shots in ideal situations, but more often than not, the conditions are not good and involve a bit [...]

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