There are many reasons to visit Bali, from the temples, restaurants, surfing, diving and the Balinese culture but one thing that there is plenty of on the island and that is beaches. There are a huge variety of beaches to suit everyone and anyone, from surfing beaches, to swimming or just relaxing and sunbathing.

There is a beach to suit everyone, so Ive made a list of the 5 beaches I found to be amongst the best in Bali.

Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is the most well-known beach in Bali and therefore the most busiest too, it is usually filled with tourists and locals alike. It is right amongst the main tourist area on the island so there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs nearby. There is good surf here so its a great place to learn if you’re a beginner or surf amongst the locals and learn some local knowledge. In the evening there are beach parties at some of the beachfront bars and clubs so if you’re looking to party this could be the place for you!
Bingin Beach

This beach is more on the quiet side so if you’re looking to have a more relaxed lay back day, this could be one for you. There is also some excellent surf here, although there is coral so it is tended for more advanced riders. The break is about 50m from shore.

Padang padang

This beach is another very popular one in Bali, so expect a certain degree of crowds. It is surrounded by cliffs and rocks which offer a beautiful view while you sunbathe, it is quite good for swimming here too just make sure it’s at high tide because there is sharp coral that you need to be aware of.

This one is located a little bit further from the main tourist area, hence why it is also known as the secret beach. Although I don’t think the name is really relevant anymore as it is starting to become more commercialized with restaurants and sun loungers etc. It’s quite a long beach and you can spot local fisherman farming in the waters, there is little in the way of surf but there is a 50m stretch of water that is calm so it is good for swimming and you can rent kayaks to have a go too!

It is still a relatively quiet beach but it looks as though it will become more like Kuta in a few years, so go visit this beauty while you still can!


To get to Balangan beach you need to walk through a quaint little village amongst the local farms and cattle, the beach itself is much quieter if you want to have a nice peaceful day on the coast. There isn’t much in the way of swimming or surfing here, so its perfect just for a relaxing stroll along the shore and having a bite to eat.