The 20/20 vision segment of my blog is a monthly post that is posted on the 20th of each month, I highlight a certain area, town or place and share with you 20 images from there.

This months 20/20 vision features the town of Dunedin in New Zealand, it lies near south eastern side of the south island. Its known as a Scottish town because a lot of the settlers that came over from Europe were from Scotland. It is noticeable as you walk around the town because the architecture is quite different than most of the rest of New Zealand, and resembles more of a Scottish look to it.

The steepest residential street in the world is in Dunedin.

One of my favourite areas to explore is the peninsula, which you can see across the bay from almost anywhere in the city. The peninsula feels completely different and very far from the the city, yet its just across the water. The small outcrop is much more wild feeling with small windy roads with rolling hills and lots of wildlife, you can read more about my wild life tour of the Dunedin peninsula here.

The peninsula is full of rolling hills, with the city of Dunedin just across the water.

There are a few beaches all around the peninsula, they are great to explore and see the more wild side of area.

Right at the end of the peninsula there is a spot to see albatross, its a great place to see they swooping across the cliffs. 

Along this beach is a bunch of sea lions, when I was there they were fighting with each other.

Tunnel beach is another beach just outside the main city, its an awesome sight with a huge arch over the ocean.

There are some epic cliffs down by the beach as well.

Just a short drive out of the city, there is an old railway tunnel where you can see gloworms.

Another reason to venture just outside the city is because there are some really clear skies, which makes it great for star watching and some astrophotography.