I am pleased to announce that I have a new photography exhibition, but this isn’t just an ordinary exhibition, its in Virtual Reality.

I have been travelling lots over the past year, and when I returned to Scotland I had a new found perspective on my home country, I saw it with fresh eyes again. So I really wanted to find a way to let others experience what its like to visit our wonderful country and see the natural beauty that the Scottish landscapes has.

Virtual Reality (VR) has just recently made a resurgence, and I had been aware of Google Cardboard which is a low cost way to experience VR using a smartphone.



I thought Google Cardboard would be a great solution to lets lots of people experience Scotland through the power of VR and view my images from all over the country.

I try to convey the feeling of a place through my images, let the viewer be transported to another place and have a brief glimpse into another place, culture or point of view. So I thought making use of virtual reality would be a great way to really let the viewer experience another world in a very strong and experiential way while also seeing images from that part of the world.

The Exhibition can be viewed on your smartphone, combined with the Google Cardboard accessory you will be transported to a Scottish castle in which you can walk around. You can look out across the loch into the mountains in the distance and explore inside the castle and view a selection of photographs I have made from all over Scotland.

You will hear the sound of the birds and winds passing through the trees in the forest and as you approach the castle you will begin to hear some music emanating from inside.

The app took a lot of time and effort, but I am really pleased in how it has come together. Everyone that has experienced it so far has really enjoyed it, and now it has officially released I am really looking forward to hearing even more from people who have tried it!

The app is currently available from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones.