The Manfrotto 055XPROB is a fairly heavy duty tripod, I have used this tripod for over 3 years now and it is still going strong. I currently have the 498RC2 ball head mounted on top of the tripod legs so I will give an overview of the head as well.

The legs are made of aluminum, with a rubber handle on two of the legs. The overall construction is very sturdy and feels almost bomb proof, I have thrown this tripod around quite a bit in the past 3 years and it still feels just as reliable as when I first got it.

A weight of 8 kg can be loaded onto the tripod, which means a big heavy camera with a large lens can be quite easily mounted onto the tripod without much trouble.

I personally have mostly used it for landscape photography, which usually means I have a wide angle lens attached to my camera which isn’t so heavy. When shooting long exposure shots I don’t have to worry at all about any unintentional shake as the tripod feels very secure and takes a strong gust of wind for it to be rocked and even then I am surprised at what it can handle.

This tripod can be extended nice and high if needed.

With the strength of the tripod comes weight to go along with it, as it weighs about 5 kg with a head on the legs. This isn’t exactly lightweight for carrying around on a regular basis but that is a trade off for the stability of it.

Each of the legs have three sections, with 2 levers on each to adjust each height. The levers lock in each section securely and are quick and easy to operate.

Levers on the legs make it nice and quick to adjust the height.

One aspect I like about extending the legs is that once the lever is opened the legs can be left to extend under there own weight which makes it even quicker to set up.

If you are looking for height with this tripod then you’re in luck, when the legs are fully extended along with the center column it towers at about 180cm. I rarely use it at its full height, but it is there if I need it.

As I shoot mostly landscape shots, I often shoot quite low to the ground and this tripod uses a somewhat unique mechanism to get low to the ground. The center column is about 30cm long so that means that you can go any lower than that, that is until it is set to the landscape configuration in which the center column is parallel to the ground.

Low angle configuration, the central column orientates into a horizontal position.

Now the legs can go much closer to the ground, now I do wish they would go slightly lower but its still good for those low angle shots.

There is a strap accessory that is available for this tripod, which makes it easier for carrying around during the day. I have used it for the past year or so and I have found it useful as I can just carry over my shoulder and it frees up my hands.

Manfrotto tripod strap accessory

There are a few different head options for this tripod, and I personally use the 498RC2 ball head which is a good heavy duty ball head to go along with the heavy duty tripod legs. I prefer a nice quick tripod head so I can easily adjust the cameras position and make my position without having to worry about how I should manipulate the head.

This is the reason I like the ball head is that its easy to adjust by simply turning the lever to loosen and tighten after re-positioning the camera.

498RC2 ball head controls

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like this tripod and it can survive anything, if you’re looking for a tripod for travelling around with I wouldn’t go for this as it is on the heavy side. Check out my review of the Manfrotto BeFree tripod if youre looking for a more travel friendly option. However if you need a really stable sturdy tripod that can be used with a wide range of tripod heads and cameras  then its a good choice.

It is a really versatile tripod as you can go really tall and nice and low with it, and with almost any weight of gear on top.