When we travel to a new destination there are usually a few renowned places that are a ‘must-see’ and you probably want to take some good photos while you’re their. The problem is that everyone that visits these places tends to take the exact same photo from the exact same location, so your photo doesn’t look particularly special as you could have just easily copied it from Google images.

The challenge is to capture some wonderful photos of well-known places but in a completely different way that will make your photos stand out and won’t be the same as everyone else. So I have written some tips on finding that uncommon vantage point and coming away with a special capture.

Finding Unique Angles

The first one may seem quite obvious but many people do not practice it, and that is to simply look for an angle that nobody has tried yet. You could try standing somewhere that looks quiet that no one seems to be using, or try crouching down close to the ground and looking up at the site. Getting a high position can result in some nice shots too, so try putting your arm high into the air or if you have a selfie stick or gopole you can try get even higher up.

Practice Patience

One of the reasons that many photographs of popular tourist attractions look similar is because there is a bunch of tourists in them! You may have noticed that most of my images have little to no tourists in them even though they are in popular locations. The answer is quite simple, practice patience when you are capturing your images. Line up your shot as you like it and then simply wait for a lull in the crowds to snap your shot, this will hopefully result in an image with no distracting tourists so your composition will focus the eye on the sight.

Time of Day

The lighting is another big reason that a lot of popular sights seem to look the same because they are usually taken at a similar time of day, like what time the tour guides usually take there groups around. An option to try is to visit at an alternative time, like really early in the morning to catch the sunrise, with the added bonus of avoiding the main crowds too. Or try venturing out at night as some of these places have lights that will give some unique colors projected onto the site.

Lens Choice

Many people are taking their holiday snaps with their phones, which all have a similar lens on them and therefore all of them output a similar composition if taken from a common viewpoint. Trying different lenses can result in some really creative images, like you could try using a zoom lens on a landscape type location and just focus on a specific part. Or us something like a fisheye lens and get some crazy looking perspectives which can be fun!

Unique Events

The local people are also what make a location so you could turn your attention to the goings on of the locals and capture the action of their lives using the location as a backdrop. This will likely get you a unique moment and you may capture a once in a lifetime event too!

Just get out there and experiment with the above tips, remember there is no rush so take your time in trying out different techniques and see what works!