If you have been on a trip recently, its great to be able to look at a map and see exactly where you have been and track your route!

It helps remind you exactly where you went, as sometimes things can be a bit hectic during your travels and you can be somewhere that you don’t know exactly where on a map it is. Looking back at your route can bring back memories, and half the fun is sharing stories with your friends and family. It helps to have a map to show off your epic journey while you retell your epic adventures!

Here are some sites that I have used and found useful in creating a map of your travels.

Travellers Point – travellerspoint.com

This site allows you to enter the locations you visited on your trip one by one and it will create a route map for you. It will display markers of the locations and lines going from each place, this is a great way to display your route and its easy to set up.

You can export the data as well which you can then use in Google maps or another mapping software. I found it useful in Google maps as I can share the map with my friends easily through my Google account and email it to family too!

Travel Tip – traveltip.org

The design of the site doesn’t look like it has been updated in the past 10 years, but don’t let that put you off as it still produces a great looking map. The map it generates is of the countries you have visited and it even breaks down what percentage of each continent you have traveled. So those of you who are looking to get 100% it’s a great way to keep track of your progress!

This is the site I used to generate the map on my about page.

Matador Map – matadornetwork.com

This one is similar to the previous one as it generates a map of the countries you have visited, you just simply click on the countries you have visited and it generates the map for you. Simple as that!