Every year you set new years resolutions and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont go according to plan. But this year its time to visit that place you’ve always dreamt of going, so here are 5 tips for setting your travel resolutions for the new year!

Pick a destination

Ask yourself where you have always wanted to visit and experience, whether its somewhere you have seen photos of or you’ve read about it in a book. Whatever the reason, make sure its somewhere that you are inspired to visit as this will keep your motivation up as you make the preparations to actually go!

Learn to Travel Solo

In the past you may have always travelled with your friends or family which is fun and can be a great experience but it can also be a hindrance as you have to rely on them to commit to going with you.

I recommend that if you have never travelled solo before, you must give it a try! You will meet plenty of people while you travel so dont worry about being lonely, and you can concentrate on this being your trip and you can be selfish in a way so that you can experience what you want to. It can be an incredibly freeing sensation being on your own, you can do what you want and how you want to!

Pick a date

Plan in advance when exactly you are going to go, and arrange any time off work you will have to organize. This will ensure that you have the time available to you and it gives you a goal as to when you need to be ready by.

Try to choose your time according to how you want to experience your destination, you may like to visit in the low season when its quieter so that you can experience the culture more without other tourists getting in the way! Or you may like to party and go wild when you travel so choose the high season when you know there will be lots of other travellers to spend time with..


Once you have chosen your destination and when you’re going, its time to research into the details of what exactly you want to do there. Get an idea of the price of flights and hotels, how much food costs and what the weather should be like so you know what clothes to bring.

There are so many resources online so you shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting the information, you can use Wikitravel or just Google search, you may want to ask in forums about specific questions you might have or you can buy a travel guide book like a lonely planet book that you can take with you!

Start Saving

Now that you have a fairly good idea of what you’re going to be doing, when you’re going and roughly how much things will cost, its time to start saving! You could open a separate bank account that you put in a little bit each day or once a week and don’t allow yourself to withdraw anything you have put in there. This will make it easy to see how much you have saved as its in its own account and won’t get mixed in with anything else. Also think about bringing a little bit extra just to be sure in case of any extra tours or visit somewhere you didn’t originally plan for!

The important thing is to start planning things as soon as possible because the longer you put it off the less likely you are to actually go anywhere, and it’ll be another new years before you know it! So start today! I mean right now, start looking into where you want to go and start saving!

Where do you want to go this year?