Photography Outside Your Comfort Zone

As you begin to get into photography and learn some interesting techniques and processes in order to capture some beautiful images. The problem is that many people tend to stagnate at a certain point once they have learned a few techniques for a certain type of photography, now there is nothing wrong with this but if you want to keep improving and progressing your photographic skills you should constantly be looking at approaching things differently and learning new things.

Learning about other aspects of photography that you are not yet aware of will improve your photography overall as you may learn techniques that you can apply in every aspect of your photography and it broadens your horizons in terms of how you approach a new composition.

I have provided a few exercises you can try that will push you outside your comfort zone and keep progressing with your art of photography and produce some amazing images.

Try a Different Type of Photography

Highland Ponies Grazing

This one may seem a bit daunting as you have to feel like a beginner again and that is to try other types of photography that you might not be very practiced in. For example if you mainly take landscape shots, try out some portrait or wildlife photography. It will force you to learn an entirely different skill set and you may be able to insert some of your insights from landscape photography into the way you approach portraiture and vice versa.

It can feel challenging to begin with because you might be very proficient at certain types of shots and it isn’t comfortable to feel like a beginner again at something that is so familiar. You just have to take the plunge and force yourself, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you are bound to learn lots of new techniques and you might open a whole new aspect to your photography.

Use Other Lenses

Once you get into a familiarity with your photography you will likely have one or two lenses that you go to often, so try using other lenses that may have been long forgotten in the bottom of your bag somewhere. It will allow you to approach compositions differently than you are used to and you will spot other shots that you may not have thought of before.

You may even want to get an unusual lens, such as a fisheye and experiment with the kinds of images you can produce with it, you can come up with all kinds of crazy and creative ways!

Shutter Speed

The Hustle of Bngkok Transport

It is always good to experiment with settings on your camera, and try to push them to their extremes to get some weird and wonderful results. For shutter speed you may want to reduce the shutter speed down the be very slow and see what interesting images you can come up with. You could try light trails, or blurring an action shot to convey movement, there is plenty to experiment with so get out there and give it a go!

Time of Day

Light can dramatically affect the way your photographs look, so if you usually take photos during the middle of the day you could try taking some at sunset for instance. The lighting will be very different and may open some new opportunities to you that you would not have even realized. You may even want to try some night photography, which if you’re not familiar with can be a whole other set of challenges to dig your teeth into!

Look at Other Art Forms for Inspiration

Sometimes you can lose motivation in your photography and don’t know what else to capture to create some new creative images, so try looking at other art forms for inspiration. You could study some paintings, drawings or movies, just any visual medium can give you some instant inspiration and new influences that you can reinterpret into your photography!

You don’t have to restrict yourself to looking at others photographs as your only source for ideas, there are a huge range of creative art forms that can spark new ideas and set you off in a new direction with your photography!