If you are looking for cheap flights, using Skyscanner is a great option. It aggregates a lot of airlines and gives them to you in a simple list which you can browse through. You can sort by price or by travel time which is hugely useful, you can even display a graph by day to show which day of the week or month has to cheapest deal which can save you a lot of time and make things much easier when you’re planning your trip.

I personally use Skyscanner all the time, however their are a few tricks that you need to look out for. I’ve learnt that with a few steps you can make Skyscanner work for you very well and avoid any of the hidden costs that you may come across.

Smaller Airlines

Most of the large airlines are included in when you search Skyscanner but not many of the smaller regional airlines are included, this is where you can lose out on a deal because you are not aware of the local airlines that could be offering a much better rate. To book with the smaller airlines I recommend going to their website directly or a there travel desk in the airport.

Baggage allowance

When you use Skyscanner and decide to purchase a ticket it is usually purchased through a travel agent, and the ticket prices are often cheaper this way than buying from the airline directly. However the travel agents websites don’t usually have an option for selecting your checked baggage or to select the type of ticket you require, this can be fine if you are booking from a more premium airline such as Virgin or British Airways where checked baggage is often included in all tickets.

It is when you are booking with a budget airline such as Ryanair or AirAsia that you need to be careful as to what is included when you are booking through the agent, because you could get a nasty surprise when you turn up at the airport and are asked to pay extra for your luggage.

Search but don’t buy

As I mentioned the ticket prices are usually cheaper when you book through an agent, but it’s always worth checking the airline website directly as I have found on occasions that it was actually cheaper to book with the airline directly.

This is why I tend to use Skyscanner as a search engine to give me a good idea of what flights are available and at what price, then I will go to airlines website directly to compare prices and check their policies such as baggage allowance. This way you get best of both worlds, by using Skyscanner to get results quickly and then checking with the airlines themselves on the specifics.

Overall try to think of Skyscanner as a search engine and not necessarily a place to purchase your tickets, however after doing some comparison and making sure of the baggage policies you can still purchase through Skyscanner if that is the best deal.