5 Tips for Shooting in the Rain


When the weather is not so good the last thing that you want to do is go out and get soaking wet and cold in order to take some shots. Well here are 5 tips to taking nice shots while staying dry and getting some nice shots!

Know Your Gear

Know whether any of your gear has water resistance or water proof, read the manuals to know how much protection they may have. If it is water resistant you need to aware that does not mean that it can be submerged in water and can be problematic if you’re in extreme rain. Another thing to note is that while your camera body may be water resistant, it does not mean that your lens necessarily will be.

Rain Clothing

Invest in some water proof clothing, the last thing you want is to be dripping wet and cold, it also means you will spend less time shooting as you will be longing for the dry indoors and may miss a really nice shot. This means waterproof jacket, trousers and shoes. People tend to miss out on getting waterproof shoes, but if you’re going to out for a long time these will keep your feet nice warm and dry.

Weather Proof Camera

Another option is to use a weather proof camera, such as a gopro which is completely waterproof and you can even use underwater. There is no need to worry about how wet it is getting and its durable too, so you can put it through its paces.


One of the best parts about shooting in the rain or when its wet on the ground is the great shots you can take of reflection. You can get some really unique compositions reflecting off the wet street or puddles. They work particularly well when reflecting bright lights, so getting nice reflections in the city can be great with all the lights from buildings, cars, billboards and much more!

Bring a Buddy

Take a friend or partner along with you who can help keep you dry in tricky locations, they could hold an umbrella above you if your hands are preoccupied. They can also help keep an eye out on some nice spots with good reflections while you can concentrate on shooting.


So next time its looking bleak outside don’t immediately call off taking any photos, get out there and utilize the reflections to get some unique shots!